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Interview With . . .

Rose Zappa-Jehnert
Get It 2gether Organizational Services
Forest Hill, MD
by Maria Gracia

1. What is the name of your company? Where are you located? How long have you been in business?

My name is Rose Zappa-Jehnert and my company is Get It 2gether Organizational Services. I'm located in eastern Forest Hill, MD and I've been in business for almost three years.

2. Is this your primary business, or a part-time business?

This is my primary business.

3. Are you a member of NAPO? (Please indicate if you're an officer.)


4. Why did you become a professional organizer?

Both caring for a daughter who has ADD and a friend who is developmentally disabled have propelled me toward the field of professional organizing. I also worked in a home for emotionally disturbed adolescents for over 23 years and as Coordinator of Food and Housekeeping Services revamped the entire operation and set up an inventory system to save money and time.

5. What type of organizing do you specialize in (home, office, etc.)?

I work mainly in residential settings, but have some clients who are business people needing assistance in both areas of their lives. I also have quite a few clients who are ADD and Chronically Disorganized.

6. Do you sell products, services, or seminars? Please describe.

I teach classes on organization at the community college and have done presentations to local groups and at the library.

7. Have you written a book(s)? If so, what is the title(s)?

No books, but with my life story, who knows what the future holds.

8. Do you publish a newsletter? If so, is it a print newsletter, or an e-zine? Is it free, or is there a charge?

I publish a newsletter four times a year and send it to my clients and mailing list via email, but for those without computer access, it is mailed. There is no charge for this service.

9. Do you have a web site? If so, what is the address?

My Web site is http://www.getit2gether.com/

10. Is travel a big part of your business?

I don't travel.

11. Who is your primary target audience?

Busy, stressed people who are searching for smarter ways to accomplish tasks in a more timely manner; those who don't have the time to look for things, or the money to keep buying more because they can't locate the items.

12. Describe your typical workday.

I am an 'early to bed - early to rise' person and am often up drinking coffee and answering email at 5:30. I exercise, eat, and then head out on appointments or to meetings. After dinner, I head back to the computer to finish up the day's paperwork and prepare for the next day.

13. Every person interested in entering the professional organizing field is wondering, "Can I make enough money doing this?" What is your outlook on this question?

My husband is a sweet supportive man. When I started this venture he said nothing to discourage me, but when we were at dinner one night he said 'I never thought you'd be so successful.' Well I could have taken it negatively, but thought - this man would support me no matter what! I did point out that I worked hard to get where I am. With with proper investigation, networking, good marketing, and hard work, this is a field that holds many possibilities for people to have a business that will support them, while offering them a great sense of accomplishment.

14. Which of the following marketing vehicles have you used to help you grow your business (direct mail, newspaper advertising, free workshops, radio, television, web site, e-zine, telemarketing, yellow pages, joint ventures with other professionals, publicity, other--please describe)?

I have used newspaper advertising, free workshops, web site, newsletters, yellow pages and networking. In this business I believe your best friend is networking. People don't always trust an ad - they trust a person they see and know.

15. Which one marketing technique have you found works the best for you? Please describe.

Networking is the best, but I have had a good deal of success with the yellow pages.

16. Describe a successful, creative marketing technique that you use, or that you've used in the past.

I have given free talks to real estate offices, offering them discounts on gift certificates for their clients as a 'moving in' gift.

17. Do you feel that networking plays a big role in growing your business?


18. What do you do to generate referrals?

I have a referral program that I discuss with potential clients at the consultation.

19. What do you find to be the most exciting part of your business?

I have always loved looking at a messy room and challenging myself to see how quickly it can come to order.

20. What do you find to be the most frustrating part of your business?

I think, if not frustrating, the most time consuming part of my business is educating the public about the pros of a Professional Organizer. I have to admit, though, that the new television shows - Mission Organization and Clean Sweep have helped somewhat.

21. Describe your greatest success in this field.

In two years I have managed to build a good client base, was elected Vice-President of the Maryland Organizers, formed a local women's networking group with two other women of which I am now President, while still having time to work towards my certification in Chronic Disorganization without going crazy! (maybe because I was crazy before!)

22. As a professional organizer, do you have a funny story to share?

I have a client I absolutely love. We both agree it's like two friends getting together to clean up her house, but she is an admitted catalog freak! Before we organized her catalogs they were everywhere. She had some piled up at the bottom of the steps into the kitchen where there is a desk with a granite top. Her daughter was coming down the stairs with boots on, slipped and fell - a trip to the hospital was adverted because she went into the magazines that were piled to the top of the desk! (we still moved them - no more boots on until you get to the mud room!)

23. As an organizer, what professional organizing information or tools are you always on the lookout for?

I am constantly visiting stores, looking on the Internet and at catalogs to find any way to assist my clients in making their lives more organized and easier to cope with each day.

24. Looking ahead, what do you see as your greatest challenge?

Locating and training employees to assist in further building my business.

25. What is your best tip for people interested in becoming professional organizers?

Investigate thoroughly, network, network, network - and then work hard to provide the best customer service possible!

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